Universal Windows Applications can be downloaded and installed from the Windows Store, link is provided for every application below.


The simplest possible optical character recognition application, choose a picture and get the text from it or process all files in the selected folder (for every image file X.jpg creates a text file X.jpg.txt in the same directory containing the extracted text).

SimpleOCR uses the optical character recognition capabilities of Windows 10. To install additional languages for OCR open Settings from the Start menu, navigate to System, Apps and features, Manage optional features and Add the desired language.

SimpleOCR is completely free without any form of advertising.


This is the newer version of TotalReminder - Passwords.

TotalReminder - Passwords

Windows 10 version
Windows Phone 8.1 (older, discontinued version)

This Windows Phone application contains the password management part of the desktop program TotalReminder.

The idea behind this app is to have a single, secure and easy to access storage for all your passwords (in fact other "secrets" as pin codes, access codes can be stored here) while you have to keep in mind only one master password. You should use a fairly complex but easy to remember master password because it is used to encrypt all stored secrets so if you forget it all your data will be lost.
The "Save password" option in the login screen can be useful if you want to do a lot of editing in the app and for a short period of time you prefer no to enter the master password on every program start. However this is not a safe option to keep enabled: anybody using your phone can have a look into your passwords.

To assure the persistence of your data (think about lost / stolen phone) you should do a regular backup of the database to your OneDrive. The application offers a database restore too, a previously saved database will be brought back from the cloud to your phone. Please pay attention to the following:
- the current database is simply overwritten, so all passwords currently on the phone will be lost (this should not be a problem is case of regular backups)
- the current master password must be identical with the one in use when the backup was created

The desktop TotalReminder (v.6 and up) has a synchronization mechanism with the application using the backup-restore system presented above.

TotalReminder - Passwords is completely free without any form of advertising.


eZene is a simple offline music player (for mp3 files in your music library) that supports Winamp style (m3u) playlists and is location aware. The app offers an easy way to create, edit, save, ... playlists. In the edit process you can add / remove songs from the list, manually reorder, sort or randomize the playlist. The optional location component can learn places where you usually start or stop the music and makes this process automatic, furthermore, it can generate an exportable journal file with the locations you hit during your trip. Your privacy is guaranteed in many ways: the log is optional, can be disabled in any moment in the settings page, you can clear it by a button click, no data is uploaded to the internet.
The app needs your consent to use your device location service, and to access your music library.
The app is completely free and it does not contain any advertising or in-app purchasing.
For a detailed explanation of eZene interface please visit Brain2CPU


Being on the move it is difficult to keep track of your expenses. This app makes it easy for you. Take a picture of your bills and note the total, the app will remember the place and extract readable information from photos. You can export the listing to your OneDrive and analyze it later.

TripExpenses is completely free without any form of advertising.