Money & "Money on mobile" Privacy Policy

"Money on mobile" is a scaled down mobile version of Brain2CPU's Money desktop program, in the following both will be referred as "app". The app is used to store some information relevant to the user, called "data".
Data is stored on the device the app is installed on, it is not shared in any way, nor used by the app to collect any kind of information about the user.
The app can optionally backup data using the user's personal cloud account on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. The user is required to log in with his credentials to the selected provider. The authentication process takes place directly on the provider's platform, no such information reaches the app. The availability of the uploaded data is configured by the user according to the options present on the selected platform, the app has no control about this aspect.
The cloud storage has two benefits:
(i) data backup and restore
(ii) data synchronization between instances of the app installed by the same user on different devices.
In order to implement these features the app must be allowed to exchange (upload / download) files with the online drive.

All features using cloud connection are optional and must be enabled or initiated by the user.