Download version 8.1 - 2016.05.01


A few days out and you come home with hundreds of pictures, PhotoSelector helps you to sort them, delete the less fortunate shots or compare pictures taken with different settings using the EXIF info stored in jpg. PhotoSelector offers a quick and easy method (one-click mainly) to select and rotate (if your camera not writes the correct EXIF for Orientation) your digital photos. It is easy now to send a lot of (usually big) images by email, PhotoSelector will help you to pick, resize, attach and spread files in a number of emails. You can also watch a slideshow and even prepare an autorun enabled slideshow-disk (a separate, freely redistributable slideshow program is added to the disk). The package also contains PhotoManager, a powerfull photo-database application and has RenamePictures bundled. For more features and a description of keyboard shortcuts please check the attached help file and the readme file.


The unregistered PhotoSelector has some feature limitations (see in Help), without built-in time limit, though you are allowed to test it for 30 days. In the trial period there will be some registration reminders.
Buy it now using the PayPal link below for only 9 EUR or purchase the Brain2CPU bundle (Money + PhotoSelector + TotalReminder) for 17 EUR and save 10 EUR.


  • Directory based photo viewer
  • RAW support (codec needed!)
  • Autosaved session (last loaded file is remembered by PhotoSelector)
  • One-click delete, move, copy, rotate images
  • Full EXIF data and luminance histogram
  • GPS data support (view and edit)
  • Cropping tool with aspect ratio support
  • Sending photos by email with automatic resizing and splitting in multiple emails if necessary
  • Prepare photos for upload (with options for resize, rotate, remove EXIF)
  • Slideshow and presentation disk creation
  • Thumbnail view
  • Detail view
  • PhotoManager - an image-database
  • Command line and drag-and-drop support
  • Online check for program updates
  • Extensive keyboard shortcuts
  • Added PhotoDataFixer instead of RenamePictures