Download version 4.3 - 2018.09.08
Also available in Windows store

This application is meant to a be a powerful manager of your mp3 formatted music collection. On first start it asks you for your music directories, starting with system default folders, these locations can be altered later. mp3Manager will scan these folders automatically or by request, adding details about all mp3 files into a database. The main window allows you to list all your files filtered by a variety of fields and ordered in different ways. One of the basic features of mp3Manager is creation and maintenance of lists. Music lists can be used internally in the application, exported to Winamp style playlists or used to physically copy selected files to a given target directory. Another very important feature is the possibility to rate files and use these ratings later in filtering and ordering. To permit a very easy rating a special player is included in mp3Manager, built to be unobtrusive and yet to offer a rating method that not distract you from your current work (using keyboard shortcuts). A helper concept used in mp3Manager is the assignment of user defined "tags" to music files. You can check for duplicate files as a helpful tool in maintaining your music collection. Some statistics are also present. The application can back up its database and settings and check for program updates. This version handles just mp3 files.



Download version 6.0 - 2018.09.08

Weatherinfo is a small, simple and free weather data application.
On first start it will try to detect your location, later you can choose a country and a city.
The current temperature will be displayed as a tray icon with customizable font and colors. You can use metric or imperial units.




Download version 1.0 - 2012.10.05

Appears as a tray icon, while active won't let the screensaver start or the computer go to sleep.


RenamePicture and StampPictures

All the functionality of these two programs are included in PhotBatch, a free component of PhotoSelector.