This application was born out of the need to exchange information (small texts) between computers and mobile phones. CloudClipboard is a bridge between clipboards of different machines based on "accounts", named, synchronized channels.
First you must create an account (the desktop version will do this for you on the first start), this step creates a public-private key pair, opens the new account on the server and uploads the new public key. The private key is safeguarded by your operating system. The name you choose for an account must be unique per installation but can be reused by different users. Please do not forget: two accounts with the same name created on different installations (say on PC and mobile) are different! For the sharing to work, the invitation mechanism must be used: create an invitation consisting of two 6 character codes, transmit the codes to the other device and enter in the "use invitation" section. After this step the text you push in one end can be fetched on all connected accounts. An invitation expires after 24 hours.
The desktop version has a tray icon permitting direct, one click operations between the cloud and the local clipboard and a simplified push / pull (fetch + copy) window which appears on single left click on tray icon. You can open the main window with a double-click or middle-click on tray icon, in the latter case a fetch is auto-executed.
Privacy is assured by encrypting the text with the account's public key before uploading to the cloud and decrypting on the other part with the private key.
The current version of CloudClipboard is limited to 5 accounts and 1000 character text length (longer texts will be trimmed).





Windows desktop 2.2 - 2017.10.20

Android 2.2 - 2017.10.19

Universal Windows 2.2 - 2017.10.20

CloudClipboard operations
CloudClipboard operations

The main page (Operations) has three main parts:

  • the account selector
  • send: presents the clipboard content and lets you push it to the cloud or alternatively you can enter a custom text and send it.
  • receive: you may fetch the text from the cloud in order to see it, furthermore, it allows you to copy it in the local clipboard (the time and account of the last fetch is shown too).
The local clipboard content is automatically updated, the Refresh button is just a safety measure.

CloudClipboard accounts
CloudClipboard accounts

Operations with the accounts:

  • create a new account specifing its name (the name is locally unique)
  • issue an invitation to an exisitng account
  • join an account using the provided inivitation codes
  • delete an existing account (the account will be removed from the current installation only, it remains on the cloud as long as it exists in any installation)
The Copy and Paste buttons here work with the local clipboard to help transferring the codes.