Android apps can be downloaded and installed from Google Play, link is provided below.

Android ports of Brain2CPU projects and new apps are realized in collaboration with


This app is the password management part of the desktop program TotalReminder and a sibling of TotalPasswords universal windows application.

TotalPasswords offers a single and secure storage for all of your passwords, pin codes, access codes, ... while you have to memorize only one master password.
The master password should be fairly complex but easy to remember because it is used to encrypt all stored secrets, so if you forget it all your data will be lost.
The application has database backup - restore too, and can be synchronized with passwords kept in TotalReminder (v 8.0 or later).

TotalPasswords is completely free without any form of advertising.


A basic alarm app, notifications fire starting on scheduled time every minute until the alarm is explicitly deleted.

InsistentAlarm is completely free without any form of advertising.